A Great Celebration Of uTrack; Bennett’s Hill Office Opening!

Picture of the Town hall meeting.

Well the dust has settled and the paracetamol has worked its magic and the formal opening of the brand new office on the fifth floor of our new Birmingham office has opened officially with a grand get together of the UK and Dublin teams. The event was great and included several presentations from members of staff including Eamonn, Conor, Ross, Fergus, and Manny. The presentations were excellent and gave a great overview of the uTrack journey, and the amazing products and customers that we presently proudly serve around the world.

However, it was more than a celebration, it was also for the older serving employees a chance to remember and reflect on the 15 years for Eamonn and Conor, and the ten years for myself, Carlos, and Valdas, a chance to recall some of the milestones that we had reached along that journey. The vast majority of the twenty plus employees were very new with most less than a year in service. And it was an opportunity for us all to meet and network, for me especially after a year out of the business to meet the new guys, which was brilliant. A great bunch of really bright and enthusiastic guys they are as well.

At the end of the presentations Eamonn showed the team a video which has just been made about uTrack, what we do, who we are, our products and our customers. Have to say the quality of the video production was excellent, and it will be on the uTrack website very soon, The other part of the presentation that really resonated with me was some excellent work detailing the uTrack values, it is not an easy thing to capture but the partners that we engaged to do this did a brilliant job in reflecting mission statement, ethics and values. Dare I admit i found it quite an emotional experience, exacerbated by an excellent presentation from Eamonn detailing the 3 years of uTrack in the UK. From the very beginning with just Eamonn and myself setting up the first office and home at Regents Place in the Jewellery quarter, to the following three offices in Sutton Coldfield, Dorridge, and finally Bennett’s Hill.

As the older statesman in uTrack (Because I am so old) it was really brilliant to see the evolution of a business from the very start of this journey in 2008, when I first met Eamonn and Conor I genuinely felt that they not only had a unique technology but they also had great values about how to do business and work and deal with people. In fairness I know what the Company and Eamonn and Conor and myself have been through to get to where we are today. Challenges, successes, failures, just like any other business, and as they say blood, sweat, and tears, and when the chips were really down they gave me the help, support, and reassurance that I needed to overcome my greatest challenge to date, in battling cancer. You cant put a price on kindness but you can always appreciate the goodness of people, and without Yvonne, uTrack, Carlos, and the co-owners of uTrack my journey could have been very different. But, I count my blessings and greatly look forward to getting back into a key role in the next chapter of the uTrack journey.


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