Automated reporting – flag issues in school bus services

RYGO’s automated reporting easily shows you the problems you need to resolve.

The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one. 

Reporting can seem like a laborious task right up until it shows a glaring problem at which point all the painstaking hours that have gone into it show the unbelievable progression caused by consistent valuation of problems and then those problems being solved. 

With school transport, this is no different. The more you know about how your transport is doing, the less problems occur, the less parents complain and the better the school functions because resource is no longer being taken away from helping students learn. The value of reporting is clear, however it has always been laborious and time consuming… until now. 

With RYGO, we’ve automated reporting, so you still receive the benefits without the headache. RYGO lets you proactively manage issues by focusing on the exceptions with automatic emailed reports. These also link directly to the portal to quickly review missed or incomplete trips. 

Here are the main benefits of RYGO’ s automated reporting.

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Key Benefits 

Better accountability  

Being able to quickly review issues in the school bus network allows schools to keep more accountability with the school bus operations that they run. Reports also show if there is any need to review timetables if stops are being visited but not used by students. 

Anticipate parent complaints 

Rather than firefighting problems and the complaints that will come with them, RYGO allows you to proactively foresee these issues as well as the parent complaints. This alleviates unnecessary pressure from the school reception by notifying parents (through notification or email) that the issue is known and is being resolved. 

Being able to show a proactive nature to issues found on reports gives confidence to parents and encourages them to use the service. It shows willingness to pursue efficiency and reliability even in the face of problems. 

Save time on transport admin 

Reporting requires you to take time to sift through data and collate the information. 

RYGO does this for you which saves you time. Not only that but it also automates the process meaning that the data is as accurate as possible.

Focus on trips that need the attention 

When dealing with school transport, there will be times where there are certain routes that will require more attention. Mainly due to factors like a constantly changing set of students and therefore a constantly changing set of stops. RYGO reporting highlights when trips need attention and allow schools to maintain a high standard across their service. 

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For more information about how we can help optimise your school bus service, please head to our RYGO page.


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