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To help you keep up to date with us as a business and give some insight into who we are as a company, we are quizzing our employees to see what makes them tick.

This article puts one of our talented frontend React.js developers, Alex, under the intense palm-sweating pressure that is the quickfire quiz.

uTrack: So Alex, tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from?, what were you doing before this role?, what are your hobbies/interests?

Alex: I did most of my growing up in Hull in East Yorkshire, although I also lived in Sheffield in my later teens. Before joining uTrack I lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 years. I worked both as a Technical Consultant and a Software Developer in various roles while living close to Bondi Beach in the Aussie sunshine. I met my fiancée while living in Sydney and we’re planning to get married at the end of 2020. When I’m not coding, which is a hobby and a profession for me, I like to run half marathons, play the guitar and hike up as many mountains as possible.

uTrack: What’s your favourite/most used app?

Alex: I like to be as organised as possible and use Google calendar to make that so. Spotify is a close second.

uTrack: What’s your biggest pain point about public transport at the moment?

Alex: It annoys me when I go to other countries and see all of the public transport running on time and when I come back to the UK, more often than not, it doesn’t. I’ve had a few experiences where I couldn’t even get to where I wanted to go due to cancelations. Overcrowding is a problem too. The government can’t really complain about some people defaulting to using their cars until they fix some of the fundamental problems with the UK transport infrastructure.

uTrack: What attracted you to working at uTrack?

Alex: I like working with real-time data. It seems to be an expectation now that people should be able to see exactly where a bus is at a given time. The uTrack software also allows a user to look back retrospectively at the movements of a particular vehicle and that kind of information can be very valuable.

uTrack: How do you pass the time when using public transport?

Alex: I tend to listen to podcasts for a bit of background listening. I also read up on the news and sometimes play a game on my phone.

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