First View App and District Dashboard Updates

Picture of a yellow school bus

We are passionate about constantly improving and updating our systems so that we can help our clients provide the best possible service to their customers and make public transport amazing!

Our improvements to the collaborative suite of apps we have with our longstanding clients First Student is a great example of this. These apps already give Districts and parents never before seen insights into school bus tracking however we have been working with First Student directly to adapt and improve the model to help make school travel safe and efficient for parents, schools, districts and operators alike.

Here are some of the recent improvements that have been made:

  • Service Alert improvements – Now at school level and visibility in Routes Table
  • New Route Statuses
  • Super User Data hidden from Manage Users
  • Stops removed from Street when they are removed from source – Better UX
  • District Hub see map and ETA updates

These are just some of the continual improvements that we have made and we will continue to collaborate with First Student to make our products even better for the end users.


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