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We are proud to present a new feature which we have been working on with one of our clients, Go-Ahead Ireland.

One of the problems faced by employees is that they will have an issue or concern and not know who the right person is to contact or if they do know they might not have said persons contact details.

This problem and many others like it are being solved by the new A-Z Directory feature. As an employee you will now have access to a directory of people which will show information and provide features such as the following: 

  • See fellow employees
  • Who’s in which department so that if you have a problem you can go to the right person quickly and easily
  • See who your manager is
  • Employees and managers have more control by allowing them to change access and functions themselves in the back-office settings

This feature will be useful to all employees however specifically for newer employees and employees changing depot so they know who they can contact about certain issues faster and easier.

On top of this, the feature is GDPR compliant as it hides sensitive information such as phone numbers and only shares this when the user has confirmed a colleague ID.

Click Here for more features of the Go-Ahead Ireland Employee App. 


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