How to save money on your school transport


Here are some ways that you can make your schools transport more sustainable whilst also making sure that you save money.

Optimising transport solution saves on funding from investors

Off the back of the COP26 global climate change summit, the UK government will look to change the ways that students get to school. However, there is no suitable alternative to personal transport currently. A dedicated school bus service would be the ideal solution if it was running in a way that was cost-effective for schools, parents, and local authorities alike. The truth is it can be done, it just requires an efficient strategy and solution to make it worthwhile for everyone. Digital solutions are available such as RYGO (an Uber-like app for bus services) that allow schools, local authorities, and school bus operators to optimise services in the most economical way. Technology needs to be utilised in these situations to make this form of transport more attractive for students and parents. Also, an optimised school bus solution would save not only the school money but also the local community. Not only is the school run a significant factor in the levels of pollution around schools, but it also increases congestion and causes havoc for local residents & businesses.

With the government trying to promote more sustainable forms of school transport, there are and will be plenty of financial incentives for schools that adopt a school bus model.

In our current economic, technological, and ecological climate, there is no excuse for schools to not move to more sustainable forms of transport.

Here are some of the incentives currently available to schools.

Grant funding to promote sustainability

Local governments get additional funding to provide school bus services for all students. There is certainly enough demand for dedicated bus services with dedicated drivers, meaning efficiency and student safety could be upheld.

According to, there are many eco-school grants and funds available to help schools with their sustainability projects.

They mention in a recent article that “Eco-Schools is administered in the UK by Keep Wales Tidy, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Tidy Northern Ireland and ENCAMS in England, and is supported by a wide variety of partners.” Those schools that “have achieved a bronze or silver award can apply for funding to help them progress”.

Funding to provide specific transport for SEND students

Every local authority is given government funding to help with transport for students with special educational needs. Most of the time, this funding is given to taxies that are either expensive or unprepared to deal with certain needs. Not to mention that they cause additional pollution and congestion problems around schools.

Having a dedicated shuttle service would create consistency (drivers always know of specific student needs). It would also save money and reduce congestion/pollution, making the school journey more sustainable and faster.

To get help with setting up your school transport solutions, click here.


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