National Express Coach contract renewed

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For over 8 years we have been proud to partner with the UK’s leading coach provider in National Express Coaches.

It is with great pleasure we announce that we have renewed our contract with them and look forward to many more years of improving the way mass transit is supplied to customers across the nation. National Express is the nations leading supplier of coach travel and also runs the largest local bus service in Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest bus network outside of London. They have also been ranked the top transport brand for UK commuters by YouGov.

It has been an honour to work with such a prestigious organisation, to help keep them technologically at the forefront of all that they do. As well as continue to keep them in the top spot, by giving them the data and tools that they need to establish their already amazing brand and customer service.

Here are some of the product highlights from over the years:


  • New Dashboard Ver 4.0 (Vanguard)
  • Incident Tracking
  • SMS Customer Feedback


  • Dupe Tracking


  • Insights Ver 1.0


  • Dynamic Timetables
  • Route Map
  • Insights Ver 2.0


  • National Express contract renewal

There are many more achievements and causes for a celebration that we have missed out for fear of overindulging our pride at the unbelievable work this partnership has been able to achieve.

We do however raise a ceremonial glass in appreciation for the last 8 years and also look to the future for the continual ground-breaking excellence in service that this contract will encourage.


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