New! National Express product – Route Map

Mockup of a laptop displaying National Express routes and the mobile version on the right of the laptop.

Route Map is another example of great collaboration between uTrack and National Express. As National Express looks to grow its technological capabilities, we are continuing to add more value to the current working relationship which has brought through product successes such as Timetable Finder and Coach Tracker. Route Map is the latest move to build on an already stellar experience for National Express customers.

It is also a progressive step towards putting more of our products directly into the hands of customers. Route Map joins an already established portfolio of passenger facing apps for National Express along with multiple deployments with the likes of First Student, Greyhound, Bolt Bus and many more.

‘We are very proud to hold such strong and close relationships with all the companies we collaborate with and will continue to work alongside our clients to develop and bring more great products to the market.’ 

Manuel Costin, UK Director at uTrack

The Route Map product itself is designed to allow the user to quickly identify routes of travel on National Express vast network covering the breadth of the UK and into Europe. The system will showcase multiple routes that a customer can take allowing personalisation of travel. For the first time, customers have the ability to view all routes that National Express has to offer to give them unprecedented choice to travel wherever they wish to go.

Here is how it works:

  • Multiple search options: giving customers choice on how to search for their journey.
  • Explore: Once a travel “from” stop has been selected the customer is presented with multiple options and travel destinations at their fingertips.
  • Travel Options: When a route has been identified the customer has the choice of the best travel option for their chosen route giving more control over duration, frequency and cost.
  • Book with Ease: Ability to quickly book with ease once you have selected your proffered route.


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