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Our website has had a makeover… and it looks incredible!

Over the past few months we gave our team the task of redesigning the branding our company, site and our product line. After a lot of tireless dedication, a new website has been born.

Let’s take a virtual walkthrough the design and features of the new website.

Home Screen

The home screen sits on the bed of the uTrack navy blue and has the recognisable font and uTrack logo seen in the old design. However, from there we see the new multicoloured shooting star design symbolising the 4 products that uTrack offers.

ut web 1 pichi 1024x840 1

With the header bar following you down the page for easy navigation, we cut through with a diagonal transition to a short blurb explaining who we are and what we do followed by a rolling list of the companies we proudly already work with. Further down the page, we see the four product solutions each sporting their respective colours and prompting visitors to learn more should they be interested in the product.

Welcome uTrack solutions pichi 909x1024 1

Finally, the footer at the bottom (which can be found on all pages travelled to on the site) invites visitors to contact us if they have any interest in working with us and also the details for our various offices along with our various social media handles.


The about page is where you can find out more about who we are and what we do. This section starts with our new company video followed by other information about our purpose (what we do and how it helps), a slideshow view of our history as a company, our core values as a team and also a bit more about our employees and roles along with animated caricatures of each member of the team (including our head of security – Hugo the dog).

ut web 2 pichi 1024x700 1
ut web 3 pichi

Solutions Pages

Each solution has a corresponding colour attached to that product.

  • Blue = Employee App
  • Pink = Bus & Coach
  • Orange = Schools
  • Green = Passengers

The pages animations, buttons and text continue with these colour themes.

Each page explains what the product does, have a rolling view of companies that already enjoy it’s benefits, more explanation as to how it helps specific sectors and roles eg. Managers, Drivers, Districts, Customers etc. and finally each page explains the key benefits of the product using text and animated visuals.


The news section has had a completely new redesign refurbish not only on the site but also the articles themselves. The thumbnails consist of a variety of animation, product mock-ups and eye-catching high-quality photos. This combination of images is a theme seen throughout the new layout of the site however comes together in this section and makes the news page far more engaging for the viewer.

ut web 8 pichi 1024x952 1

Along with this the filter feature has been streamlined and amended to make the article of interest easily accessible as well as the new sliding news banner at the top which allows for easy selection of the most recent articles.

Final words…

The new website has taken a great effort from our team but in particular our design team Carlos and Gloria, who have done an amazing job in making the website look as professional as our products so a massive well done and thank you to them on behalf of the rest of the uTrack team.

Enjoy the new website!


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