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The Decline And Fall Of The Bus Industry

So there I was minding my own business when I noticed a lady on the BBC breakfast news suddenly launch into a little tirade about the decline of the UK BuS industry over the last ten years. To be honest it took me by surprise as there was no build up, no context, it...

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UK Bus Awards 2018:Busmark Shortlisted

Given recent circumstances it was really good to see for the very first time that the medium of social media revealed just who had been shortlisted for the prestigious UK Bus  Awards. For myself, the excellent and steadfast Chris Ruane and energetic and enthusiastic...

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The Noble Art Of Depot Management

I was most delighted to recently spend a most enjoyable evening in good old London Town with two fine chaps, one a gentleman that I have known for years indeed we started our careers at virtually the same time. A true bus gentleman of the old school, he has gone on to...

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Focus Grasshopper, Focus…..

The vast majority of people who read these blogs, will probably have never heard of a programme that used to be highly popular back in the mid seventies of the previous millennium.. Suffice to say it had a profound effect on me that continues to this day. I talk of...

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CILT: Shaping The Future

The grand ballroom of the super smart RAF Club based slap bang in Mayfair in the centre of London was the venue for an excellent day of lively debate and vision planning from a group of enthusiastic individuals who were representative of CILT’s representative lead...

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The World Cup….A Russian Triumph

Well, like him or loathe him you cannot knock Vladimir Putin and the success of the Russian World Cup tournament. Against all the negativity of those who warned people not to go against allegations of unfriendliness, racism, and  thuggery, the truth is that Russia...

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