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2020 has been a very strange year, however with new measures in place things are slowly but surely returning to normal.

Our company has not stopped working through lockdown and just like the rest of the transport industry and the world, we as a business along with our clientshave been shaken into a new way of life.

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However, after months of uncertainty things are starting to move again and so is uTrack. We are getting back to business and lending a helping hand to the transport industry.

Now more than ever companies are looking to make their businesses as efficient as possible and that means having the data and technology to do so. As a result, we have seen a lot more interest in what we offer and how we are passionate about changing the way things are done for the better. If you would like to partner with us further, then you can find out more information about what we do on our product pages.

BUS & COACH – Use real-time insights and data analytics to improve operations, show you where your business can improve and what needs to happen to do so.

EMPLOYEE APP – This is an app that makes keeping your satellite workforce in touch easier than ever.

SCHOOLS – Keep everyone in the loop on a student’s school run, from concerned parents, to safety conscious schools and efficiency focused operators.

PASSENGER – Customer facing applications that help businesses provide the best insight of their services to their customers. Improving customer experience and instilling trust in the company brand.


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