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The beginning of September has always been heralded with the arrival of a new school year, and a new set of students, along with parents using the FirstView® Parent app.

One of the solutions, that we are always working on with our colleagues at First Student North America, is the multilingual feature. The app has always had a wide range of users from multilingual backgrounds. In order to make the app accessible for all users, the multilingual feature was created, and continues to be updated, to help families where English may not be their first language.

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The latest update made to the app sees the end to end usage on the Parent App become fully available in 2 alternative languages to English. This means that standard notifications, as well as all in-app functionality, can now be shown in multiple languages. The app language is selected based on the language and locale, on the user’s device.

There are 2 alternative languages available, that are fully integrated besides English:

  • Canadian French – which takes into consideration the large population of French-Canadian speakers (fr-ca)
  • Mexican Spanish – which aims to help those from a Spanish-Mexican speaking background (es-mx)

As well as these additional, fully integrated languages, there are more languages that have been made available, in certain areas of the app. Our goal when working with our colleagues at First Student, is to bring the best possible customer experience, for all users of the Parent App. This feature does just that, and we will continue to improve it, for the benefit of multilingual users.

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