Problems with your school transport? RYGO is the solution

Rygo is our all-in-one technology solution for school transport.

School transport for students in the UK is in dire need of reform. Car volumes increase by 55% during times of school pick-up and drop-off. Also, traffic in and around schools is chaotic. According to interviews conducted by the AA, 56% of parents interviewed reported “traffic chaos” near their child’s school at pick-up/drop-off times.

91% of these parents also claimed there wasn’t any school traffic management plan in place at all. Which compromises child safety. 

School congestion could be easily avoided as well. Some 80% of parents driving their children could use alternative transport . A preference that is mainly caused by the poor safety and reliability of other forms of transport. Nevertheless, this has huge knock-on effects on the efficiency of other road users but more importantly child/road safety. Up to 43%, fewer collisions happen during school holidays

So, what’s the solution? Well, the solution is creating a safe & reliable school bus service much like the US.  And how do we create safe & reliable school bus services in the UK? The answer is RYGO

RYGO’s solution already helps the largest School bus operators in North America and Ireland complete over 5 million student journeys every day. Now, this is coming to the UK. 

Here are just some of the problems that RYGO solves and the features that help improve any schools transport service. 



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School bus tracking and real-time GPS 

With RYGO, we’re processing GPS data every 5secs to near eliminate latency and provide exceptional accuracy. 

Key benefits:

  • Live monitoring of trips 
  • Historical replay of trips 
  • View stop arrival/departure times 

Student Tracking/Scanning  and Route Utilisation

RYGO  supports Student tracking using Bluetooth enabled scanners, Mifare card readers, QR codes or NFC scanning on a phone. 

Key benefits:

  • View all student boarding/alighting 
  • View busy stops and optimise routes 
  • Reduce disputes with parents/students 

Automated  reports  and issues proactively managed 

Focus on the exceptions with automatically emailed reports that link directly to the portal to quickly review missed or incomplete trips. 

Key benefits:

  • Better accountability  
  • Anticipate parent complaints 
  • Save time on transport admin 
  • Focus on trips that need the attention 

 Route Management and Optimised Student Journeys 

Data-driven route planning to build routes and timetables that save money and that are optimised based on safety & demand. 

Key benefits:

  • Save time planning 
  • Better managed routes 
  • Efficient vehicle utilisation  
  • Optimise timetables and stops

Device management and use of any device 

Dedicated or personal devices are managed via the portal for access control, monitoring usage, checking app versions, and viewing connectivity to Bluetooth enabled devices like scanners, card readers & OBD adapters. 

Key benefits:

  • Manage all devices remotely (phones/scanners) 
  • See battery levels and bluetooth connectivity 
  • Monitor app usage & versions 

 Driver App and drivers empowerment

Drivers manage their trips & when in service share their location every 5 secs. Push notifications sent via the portal are received on the driver app, with restrictions not to distract when driving. 

Key benefits:

  • Autopilot option automatically starts tracking 
  • GPS location fed straight to system/portal every 5 seconds 
  • Driver messaging/notifications 

You can find out more information about RYGO here.

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