Remote Sign on for First Bus

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We are incredibly excited to release Remote Sign on feature for First Bus UK as part of our Employee App solution. Working closely with the team at First Group to deliver a safer working environment for their Drivers.

Covid-19 has presented several challenges for many industries and businesses. The public transport industry has been one of the many that has had to quickly adapt to these challenges to continue operations. Safety of Passengers and Employees is paramount during this time. The government has been clear in its guidelines that business must adhere to creating a safe environment for all.

The government outlined the following safety measures that apply to First Bus

  • Keep a 2m distance from others
  • Avoid unnecessary travel where possible,
  • Avoid gatherings in enclosed spaces,
  • Keep in touch using remote technology,
  • Strongly advise to follow such measures as much as we can and to significantly limit our face-to-face interaction with others

The Challenge

Within First Bus, drivers are currently required to sign on for their duty in enclosed spaces such as depot offices, outposts and bus stations and at various times. The number of drivers signing on can be more than 1 per minute.

Depending on the location there is usually only one sign on point with drivers entering their details on a sign on desktop pc. In some cases, it is done by duty supervisor, and in other cases a driver can phone in when they reach a designated point and confirm their attendance and signed in remotely.

Adhering to the government guidelines and creating a safe environment for staff is very difficult First Bus without the help of technology.

The Solution

Our Employee App is being actively used by over 90% of the driving workforce at First Bus. Our solution is key to ensuring consistent communication, engagement and safety during this pandemic. uTrack reacted quickly to the challenge faced and the timeliness of delivery. Our integration with First Bus DAS system has always given the drivers the ability to view rotas, view timesheets, request holiday and even duty swaps remotely.  Remote Sign on is part of the continued evolution of the First Connect Employee app adding value to staff when they need it most. We worked closely with team at First and their Software to deliver a seamless integration of their Driver Allocation System “Sign-On” solution drivers use on site but now able to do it remotely addressing the social distancing challenges highlighted above. This will allow a driver to sign in the app and sign on for duty within a pre-set geofenced location. This mitigates the need for large gatherings and face-to-face contact with others in enclosed work environments.


uTrack are devoted to bringing new technologies and innovation that make a difference taking challenges head on to bring the best solution to the public transport industry. We believe in creating a safe, engaging and community led working environment. We know that a satisfied workforce will remain a long-lasting serving workforce.


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