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How RYGO’s route management feature saves schools time and money on their school bus service. 

Route management is an important part of any bus service however it is even more important when you are running a school bus service. With a constantly changing group of students, the routes that school buses are taking are constantly changing based on demand. This means that routes and timetables need to be updated and built to be agile. Not keeping on top of this optimisation negatively impacts a school’s time and money. It also impacts the school’s reputation and causes an increase of parent complaints.

With RYGO we help optimise your route management to fit demand (DRT) so that your school saves money, time and resources for the things that matter most.

Here are the key benefits of route management and optimisation.

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Key Benefits 

Save time planning 

RYGO automatically collects and collates all information in real-time to give you a holistic view of a route. This then shows you the most efficient and safe route based on the information inputted plus any additional factors required.

Better managed routes 

Showing problems on routes in real-time, allows you to solve them quickly to avoid delays. Not only this but RYGO shows you historical information so that you can better manage future routes based on real world analysis.

Efficient vehicle utilisation  

Being able to better manage your routes means that you can fill vehicles to capacity whilst also optimising journey times.  

Recently RYGO’s ability to track the number of students on board and manage routes has shown its importance in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Both these features mean that firstly school buses can be at full capacity based on restrictions. 

But secondly, the route management feature has also avoided students being left stranded at bus stops due to restricted capacity. This is because bus capacity can be monitored in the RYGO dashboard, and additional school buses are deployed on busy routes to compensate. 

Optimise timetables and stops

RYGO is specifically designed to help optimise all your school bus services. Timetables and stops are constantly changing as new students join the school and older students move on to higher education/work. This means that routes are in constant need of management and optimisation. RYGO uses automated algorithms and data analysis to help streamline this process and make it easier for your school.

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For more information about how we can help optimise your school bus service, please head to our RYGO page.


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