Route Map Version 2.0

After months of hard work with our colleagues at National Express, we are proud to present Route Map Version 2.0. Here are some of the great new features that you will find…

Travel ‘to’ and ‘from’ indicators

Now when you search for a route between two stops you can differentiate between the start of your journey and the end of it by the colour of the icons.

‘From’ in Green and ‘To’ in blue.

NX Route Map to and from feature

Updated Route Map key – additional features

There is an updated key to explain even more information for example icons that show the difference between a coach stop and a service stop, as well as identify airport/event service only stops and whether a stop has wheelchair access.

screenshot2 pichi

Stop name searches now available

You can now also search for specific stop names so that if a user only enters in ‘Victoria’ then they will still pull up the ‘London Victoria station’.

screenshot1 pichi

Current location

This feature will show you where you are so that you can plan how you can get to the nearest station or stop to where you are at that current moment.

screenshot3 pichi

New search

The new search feature now let’s you see all stops both inside and outside of a 25-mile radius when you search from a specific location. It also shows you radius milestones from that location in 5-, 10- and 25-mile increments.

NX Route Map Radius Feature

Multiple options

You can now also scroll between different options of route quickly and easily. Once you have entered in your start and finish stops/locations, it will then show you the different options and you can select ‘previous’ and ‘next’ to see the alternative route options. These changes follow on nicely from the original version of Route Map.

For more information on this product suite please see our Passengers page.

NX Route map alternative routes feature

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