Student scanning means peace of mind for parents & schools

How RYGO uses student scanning to improve efficiency and safety on school buses. 

Being able to track a school bus is useful, but the full power of tracking doesn’t just stop there when it comes to school bus tracking. 

Student scanning and tracking is an important component to ensuring safety and efficiency in a school bus service. 

RYGO uses the latest mobile technology to support student tracking through Bluetooth enabled scanners, Mifare card readers, QR codes or NFC scanning on a phone. 

Here are the benefits of utilising student scanning and tracking. 

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Key Benefits 

View all student boarding/alighting 

Seeing whether a particular student has boarded or alighted the bus naturally provides extra safety and peace of mind to parents as they can see exactly when their child has got to school and when they are on their way home. 

Not only this but schools are able to track how many students get on/off at each stop each day. This allows them to monitor the travel patterns of their students and provide a more convenient service to and from the school. 

View busy stops and optimise routes 

Being able to track busy stops on any route means that schools can make sure that buses have the right capacity. Especially with factors like covid restrictions limiting distances between pupils on school buses, these busy stops need to be accounted for with additional vehicles and routes. 

Reduce disputes with Parents/Students 

Tracking students as they get on and off the bus means that fewer parents call up to check that their child has got to school safely. This information is conveniently sent to parents on the RYGO passenger app via notification.  

Tracking student travel behaviours also means that the school bus transportation can be tailored to individual students. This means that parents are happier with using the service and adoption of a more sustainable school transport system is increased. 

Another great feature is that scanning can be linked to already established NFC student ID cards as well as QR codes on students’ phones. 

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For more information about how we can help optimise your school bus service, please head to our RYGO page.


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