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Well, for me after ten years as part of the uTrack journey, today marks a flagship moment in the journey of uTrack Software Solutions. Because today is the day that we formally launch the brand new office located in Bennetts Hill, slap bang in the City centre of Birmingham. And when I say in the middle, we are talking less than 3 minutes from New Street Station, right in the heart of England.

It is I have to say fantastic to see the Company grow over the decade, there is as they say, no such thing as an overnight success. The uTrack journey has been on reflection a slow and steady journey of resolute and determined progress. Of course there have been challenges and adversity along the way, that is the nature of business. It would be fair to say that for Eamonn Hughes the CEO, and Conor Gildea the CTO and the Co-Founders of uTrack today will be a proud day, as they have been on this journey now for 15 years, since they both left University with Masters degrees in IT. Both are engineers, and they built their technology to help Eamonn’s father who has a coach Company. It started off building a technology that could track vehicles in real time. In 2019 this technology is taken for granted, back then it was revolutionary.

I got involved initially in 2008, when they trialled their technology on 4 buses operating a bus service between Birmingham and Redditch for the Diamond Bus Company in Birmingham. Their technology quite simply I found incredible, they had achieved the Holy Grail that the bus and coach industry had been searching for, namely real time tracking and historic replay capability. This was ground breaking and was so powerful that I handed in my resignation and joined the team. We had one customer in Dublin another entrepreneur called John O’Sullivan, and it was with John that they launched their first App, allowing passengers to see exactly where the bus was, and take away that great uncertainty. However, one modest customer was simply the first step, and today customers include National Express Coach, First UK Bus, First Student in the USA, and Greyhound Bus across North America, and First Transit also in the USA. Go Ahead Dublin are also customers.

The evolution of the Company is ongoing as we scale up in both Dublin and Birmingham with further plans for expansion especially in the USA and Europe. So, today some 30 plus employees from Dublin and the UK will gather for the formal launch and garden terrace barbecue to enjoy the occasion and enjoy events and activities to celebrate this keynote achievement. Both offices are really impressive and reflect the stature of the Companies growth. It will be a fun day as the ethos of the Company is to enjoy working life to keep a good work life balance in todays challenging world. For the likes of Eamonn, Conor, myself, Carlos and Valdas, who have been the longest serving members of the Company it is great to watch the success of the Company develop. I like forward to the next step, and well done team for all that has been achieved to date, and we look forward to the next adventure.

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