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Computer mockup of the RYGO product that showcase all Devices information and details with status if the device is active or offline, also the Mobile app that connect to the system that help track the Bus

How RYGO utilises mobile technology and manages devices so that your school can track your school buses instantly. 

It can be very expensive to get School Bus technology like GPS tracking onto your school buses. Integrated tracking systems are expensive to put into vehicles, but mobile technology has changed that. With RYGO your school can utilise the power of GPS tracking and real-time information by simply using a driver’s smartphone. This can be done by using RYGO’s device management feature. School bus drivers can be either assigned a dedicated device or can simply download the app onto their personal device.

NOTE: The app will not track a drivers personal device as long as the driver correctly configures the settings to only track when the app is in use.

Here are the main benefits of having this versatile RYGO feature.

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Key Benefits

Manage all devices remotely (Phones/Scanners)

All devices can be managed via the RYGO portal. Here, you can see a holistic view of devices and easily manage all of them in one place. The device management feature allows your school to see all the information you need to keep your devices working. Information such as access privileges, app usage, device app versions, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to devices like scanners, card readers & OBD adapters.

See Battery Levels and Bluetooth Connectivity

You will be able to check the battery levels and Bluetooth connectivity of all your devices. This helps schools make sure that connection is maintained and phones are kept at a good charge. Also, if there is a problem with connectivity then the issue can be easily checked and resolved by either reconnecting devices or simply replacing non-functional ones.

Monitor App usage & versions

Seeing whether drivers are actually using the app can help with encouraging them to adopt the technology and improve usage. This will transform the overall transport experience and make it more efficient. Not only this but we are constantly looking for ways to improve RYGO and help schools provide the best service to parents and students. Being able to see which drivers need to update to the latest version of the app is imperative in assisting to provide a better user experience.

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For more information about how else RYGO‘s revolutionary school bus technology can help your school, click here.


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