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About Us

Who we are

Every day we make thousands of transport journeys around the world amazing!

Our Mission is to make Public Transport Amazing

We provide the digital tools, innovation and expertise that enable public transport companies across the world to optimise their services.

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We combine some of the brightest minds in our industry, working together to deliver truly out-of-the ordinary public transport software solutions.

uTrack Founders

Our Founders

Why we created uTrack

The company was founded by two engineers that passionately believe in using technology to solve real-world problems.

Creating meaningful products for our clients is both an exciting and challenging task, given that they transport billions of passengers annually. This presents us with unique opportunities to design innovative solutions that can have a significant impact on the transportation industry.

Prioritising R&D and investing in the long-term value generation has enabled uTrack to secure and retain some of the largest public transport groups as clients for over a decade.

Our Customers

We help these companies grow!

clients avanti uk
clients coach usa
clients dublin
clients first bus
clients first student v2
clients go ahead ireland
clients megabus Uk
clients national
clients national express west midlands
clients sps
clients citylink scotish
clients bus eireann
clients redcoach usa
clients centaur travel
clients northwestern stage lines
clients salt lake

We believe in

Our Values

All our values guide us to achieve our mission: To Make Public Transport Amazing!

Exceed Expectations

We strive for excellence in every aspect. In matters of quality, customer experience, and ethical practices, we dedicate our full resources and passion to exceed expectations.

Shape the Future

We’re pioneers in innovation, constantly challenging the status quo. We envision a future filled with extraordinary possibilities, and we’re dedicated to turning that vision into reality, building it today, to shape tomorrow.

Adapt to Grow

Our mindset is as dynamic as the technology we create. In a rapidly evolving world, we adapt swiftly.  A challenge one day, can be an opportunity the next. Embrace change and grow with us.

Together is Better

We are more than a group of individuals; we are a unified force, collectively committed to meaningful value. United in our mission, together we will accomplish extraordinary feats.

Walk the Walk

Our knowledge and expertise are a catalyst for change. Every action we take is grounded in experience. We embrace a culture of creativity and fun, whilst our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Contribute to something Positive

We are driven by a mission to drive positive change and have a meaningful impact on the world, striving to leave it in a better condition than we encountered it.

Where we are

Our Locations

We’ve expanded our offices in Europe (Ireland & UK) and will be opening North America office in 2025.

uTrack Office Ireland Dublin
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Dublin Office

36 Wicklow Street
Dublin 2, D02 CX23

uTrack Office UK Birmingham
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Birmingham Office

Bennetts Hill House 24 Bennetts Hill
Birmingham, B2 5QP
United Kingdom

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