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Operational excellence across your whole network.

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Key Features

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Accurate ETA

Enhanced real-time information.

Combine all your live data from ticket machine, telematics, and more into one system to provide the most accurate view of your operations in real-time. Enhanced with 3rd party data feeds to factor the impact of congestion, road incidents, and localised weather on your network.


Punctuality by Passenger

See punctuality experienced by customers.

Combine operational punctuality with passenger data to understand the true experience of traveling on your network. Improve handling of service delays and the impact with passenger connections. Track passenger volumes and capacity in real-time as well as identify trends on routes, services, stops and more.


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Timetable Analysis

Accurate schedules based on real-world data.

Providing your planners with a tool to analyse key trackable events such as departures from origin stops, dwell times and travel times between stops as well as the ability to drill into time bands such as weekdays, weekends, peak-times to highlight the biggest gains or losses.


Incidents in Real-time

Capture every incident as it occurs.

Integration of operational, controller and automatic incidents with context of service, such as schedule, vehicle running board/block, mileage, passengers impacted, engineering data, and more.


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Service Performance

A consolidated view of every trip.

Bring all the data related to a specific trip into one place for both real-time and historical views. Passenger loadings & connections, stop punctuality (including trends), drivers, vehicles, events, traffic, incidents, vehicle working, connections, and more.


Driver Modelling

Full accountability & management.

Build an accurate profile of your drivers performance from business defined KPI’s to driver behaviour, missed stops, late starts, unrecognised stops, vehicle events, speeding, incidents and more.


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Daily Trip Performance

Daily view of every trip on a route.

An intuitive colour coded view for every operated trip on a Service on a daily basis by direction, by stops or timing points, by delay or dwell.


Route Velocity

Average moving speeds on routes.

Origin automatically groups your services into time bands based on average moving speeds by time of day and day of the week. This provides planners with a unique insight into how their vehicles flow between stops. Visualised patterns can highlight variations in travel times as well as unforeseen experiences for passengers.


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Why Origin?

Insights for everyone.

Powerful insights, analytics, trends and everything in between. No matter your role, Origin gives you the right view at the right time.

Why Origin 1

See more clearly

Origin provides a single source of truth for each data point and insight. In-depth statistics, crucial trends and the most critical information are displayed on one single page.

Why Origin 8

Platform agnostic

The platform brings together your existing tools, telematics and data into a single system that provides all the information you need to keep your services running smoothly.

Why Origin 6

Put safety first

With complete visibility of speeding trends, unauthorised stops and driver metrics, you can encourage your team to make the changes you need to make your network safer.

Why Origin 4

Watch in real-time

Stops, vehicles, traffic, maps – every bit of data is pulled into one simplified interface to provide instant information for controllers, planners and operators.

Why Origin 7

Powerful and rapid insights

The powerful algorithms in the Origin engine produce cutting-edge insights that sift through all of the data to present the right team members with meaningful information to predict and take action.

Why Origin 5

Plan for better performance

With accurate information to hand, you can drill down to identify the root cause of any operational issue, and see the immediate effects of any steps you take to rectify it.

Why Origin 2

Manage departure information

Track all departures and see the average delays at a glance before drilling down into stop performance line by line.

Why Origin 3

Keep customers informed

Inform your passengers about delays, and keep them updated in real-time, so they know what’s going on almost as soon as you do.

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