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Take the complexity out of route planning and vehicle tracking.

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Key Features

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Real-time GPS

School bus tracking.

With Rygo we’re processing GPS data every 5 seconds to minimise latency and provide exceptional accuracy.


Route Utilisation

Student tracking/scanning.

Rygo supports student tracking using Bluetooth enabled scanners, Mifare card readers, QR code or NFC scanning on a phone.


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Proactively Manage Issues

Automated reports.

Focus on the exceptions with automatic emailed reports that link directly to the portal to quickly review missed or incomplete trips.


Optimise Student Journeys

Route management.

Data driven route planning to build routes and timetables that save money and that are optimised based on demand.


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Use Any Device

Device management.

Dedicated (or personal) devices are managed via the portal for access control, monitoring usage, checking app versions, and viewing connectivity to Bluetooth enabled devices like scanners, card readers, and OBD adapters.


Empower Drivers

Driver app.

Drivers manage their trips & when in service, share their location every 5 seconds. 


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Why Rygo?

Create reliable journeys with safe & efficient routes.

For over ten years, we’ve been helping major transport companies deliver billions of passenger journeys by taking total control of their operations. This technology & expertise is now available to any school in UK & Ireland.

Why Rygo 7

Built for passengers, by passengers

We’ve spent years designing and building the ultimate user experience for passengers in a simple, intuitive app.

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A trusted solution

Our platform is trusted by a wide range of industries from government agencies to educational institutions – we’re informing decisions and empowering customers.

Why Rygo 8

Constantly iterating

We’re commited to ensuring your customers get access to the latest technologies first. We publish new features to our platform every month!

Why Rygo 6

Stay in control

Rygo isn’t a middleman. We provide organisations with the technology to advance their existing transport services.

Rygo Offers

Route planning for optimal utilisation.

It’s the all-in-one transport tracking platform for everyone! Rygo allows passengers to accurately track the location of their bus, and bus operators to provide the best routes and reliable commuting services to school students and businesses.

Why Rygo 1

Offer digital ticketing

All operators, regardless of size, can provide digital ticketing to their customer, whitout the need for a bespoke app.

Why Rygo 2

Remove the guesswork

The Rygo app uses mobile technology to show commuters exactly where their bus is.

Why Rygo 4

Live passenger numbers

The driver’s Bluetooth scanner tracks each passenger as they get on board.

Why Rygo 3

Show ridership statistics

Businesses & schools have a platform to view passenger statistics, e.g. most popular stops.

Why Rygo 5

Predicted bus ETA

Passengers can see an accurate time of arrival based on real-time information.