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uTrack & Avanti Connect app update


Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working alongside Avanti Trains to help build an employee app system that helps their employees deliver the best experience to the customers they serve. The app has many features that help employees reach their full potential and provide a better service for customers. The new Avanti connect app update builds upon the solid foundation of features already found in this easy-to-use application.

Here are some of the new features and benefits.

Resolution & Customer Info module

The Avanti connect app now has a new module called “Resolution & Customer Info” which has two parts to it.


Customer Resolution allows Avanti staff onboard trains and at stations to issue gestures of goodwill to customers. Some of these gestures include food & drinks vouchers as well as first-class upgrades.

Customer Info

Customer Info allows staff to search for useful customer details in the database and find customers on specific journeys.

“Avanti’s goal was to introduce a scheme to empower frontline franchise employees to resolve passenger issues on the spot through minor expenditure or goodwill gestures. The ‘Resolution & Customer Info’ module improves both the customer experience and equips staff with everything they need to feel empowered in their role”.

Olivia Anderson Radcliffe
Head of Delivery, uTrack Software

Benefits of the update

Better customer experience

One of the benefits that this update will have is how it directly impacts Avanti customers. Staff being able to reward customers will mean that customers will feel appreciated and valued. This will encourage them to travel again.

Easy to use for staff

The customer resolution feature is specifically designed to be easy for staff to use. Simplifying the process means that more staff are likely to use it to help reward customers.

Salesforce integration

Avanti already uses Salesforce for customer relations. Because of this, we have integrated the app with Salesforce. This allows all customer interactions to be linked to a customer’s account on the app and the historical information to be viewed by staff.

“Avanti West Coast working in partnership with uTrack and existing platform suppliers, has developed a game-changing app for our colleagues to help customers. The Customer Resolution app has raised the bar in our service offering and ability to deal with customers and assist with resolutions. An industry first for the UK rail market. This app will help our colleagues put the power in their hands to help customers.”

Paul L Mills
Senior Project Manager, Avanti West Coast

A collaborative effort

The size and scope of this project required a huge collaborative effort. Not only were the teams at uTrack and Avanti involved but also the team at IBM played a crucial role in the success of this project. There were also several other companies who were contracted in to help get this update out to staff and customers. We would personally like to thank everyone involved in the project for their efforts and for making this update such a success.


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