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Why we chose the city of Birmingham for our UK operations

Birmingham has been the centre of our UK operations for the past few years, which may seem strange given that most companies prefer to plant their UK base of operations in London. However, there is a deliberate reason why we chose Birmingham. Here are the reasons why:

Centre of the country

Birmingham is logistically the centre of England, it is the largest city in the Midlands and in many ways connects the north and south of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Transport links

Because of its location, Birmingham has strong links with long haul transport commutes and has become a hub for connection stops.

Main station

The main station in Birmingham (New Street) is head of operations to many national rail services including one of our partners, Avanti Trains, who have their headquarters in Birmingham New Street station.

Transport head offices

We also share the city with many coach operators, most notably National Express coaches who are a longstanding friend of the uTrack family.

Transport revolution

There is also a seismic shift happening to the transport sector in Birmingham, with projects such as HS2, along with renovations of many discontinued train lines coming back into action. Not to mention, Birmingham was one of the first cities to adopt the UK’s first electric scooter hire service.


  • Centre of the country
  • Good transport link between north & south
  • Main station city for Avanti Trains
  • National Express head office in Digbeth Birmingham
  • Transport revolution happening in Birmingham

For more on the Birmingham Office itself, please check out our blog celebrating 1 year in the new office.


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