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How data creates amazing individual passenger experiences

Resolving Coach operational issues that impact passenger experience.

Good passenger experience is vital for any coach or public transport service. In order to solve this, every business needs to do two things. Firstly work out the problems that impact passengers and secondly work out what service passengers want. 

With Origin, you can track individual passenger data to see the problems that can be resolved, in order to boost the passenger experience of the service. You can also track their behavioural patterns to offer the best service for them. 

Origin combines operational punctuality with passenger data to understand the true experience of travelling on your network. It Improves handling of service delays and the impact on passenger connections. Additional functions include the ability to track passenger volumes and capacity in real-time as well as identify trends on routes, services, stops & more. 

For more information about how poor punctuality affects passengers, you can read our blog on ‘Why Coach operators struggle with bad passenger experience‘.

Here are the key benefits of these functions on this feature that will help your passenger usage grow business-wide. 

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Key Benefits 

See how operational issues affect passenger experience 

When issues do occur, it is important to know how this will affect passengers on an individual level so that actions can be taken to accommodate those issues.

An example of this would be if a passenger is going to miss a connecting coach due to a delay on the service they are currently on. Proactively offering an alternative service will reduce frustration from the passengers perspective, as it should not be the passenger’s responsibility to resolve the issue of their own travel when the problem has been experienced on an operators service. Origin gives operators the information and tools to actively give passengers the best possible customer service so that they are more likely to use your service again. 

Identify peak passenger volumes and capacity issues 

There is nothing worse than missing out on revenue from potential paying customers because you didn’t factor in additional coaches, to accommodate for an influx of additional passengers. With Origin, you can catch these capacity issues and allocate additional resources, so that passengers are not left disappointed and therefore you can continue to collect revenue from passenger ticket sales. 

Find the worst performing stops and excess waiting times for passengers 

Origin allows operators to pinpoint consistent issues in their service and resolve them, meaning that problems on specific stops can be amended to reduce delays and interruptions for passengers. This builds growth in passenger trust and the reputation of the service. 

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