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Origin Release – Ver 24.04 

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We’re pleased to announce a major update to Origin with this latest version 24.04. In addition to many small improvements that will enhance overall performance, the two major areas of focus are Passenger Lists and Passenger Communications.  

Passenger Lists

For clients whose ticketing information feeds into Origin, a new screen is available to show each ticket and all its constituent legs alongside tracking information. The same screen also shows relevant connections and their status inline. This feature is particularly useful for customer service and contact centre colleagues who receive enquiries directly from passengers and who can then easily and quickly view all relevant information they need to assist the passenger. Where applicable, Origin also has the ability to show passenger contact details.

Passenger Communications

The new passenger communications feature complements the passenger lists. With this new functionality, Origin users can contact passengers via SMS and email. This means that if, for example, a passenger is at risk of missing their connection, the contact centre can proactively let the passenger know. Inbound SMS messages also appear within the new screen, being matched to trips/vehicles automatically and shown inline essentially enabling two-way communication with senders.

If you are interested in using these features in your existing deployment, please message us. Finally, thanks for all the feedback on the previous release. We look forward to hearing from you again on this release. Don’t hesitate to contact our Service Desk with your feedback 24/7 and if you would like to schedule a demo, you can do so below.  

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