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The solution to timetable & schedule problems for operators 

How Origin’s optimisation stops huge punctuality & reliability issues for Public Transport operators and corrects timetable & schedule problems.

The lack of flexibility in Coach timetables & schedules causes massive problems for any operator’s business. It bases decisions on assumptions and tradition. This lack of agility to optimise services is crippling revenue for transport businesses and losing them passengers. Transport operators need a solution to their timetable & schedule problems.

“That’s the way we’ve always done it” is not an excuse for poor timetabling and punctuality.

To optimise a Coach operator’s timetables & schedules, service planners need the correct tools to analyse important events tracked. So that they’re able to make improvements.

With Origin, they get this from combined data that shows arrival/departure times from stops, dwell times (time spent at a certain stop) and travel times between stops. Combining this data to see a holistic view of how a service runs, allows them to improve timetables based on real-world service data. The alternative is, forcing drivers to hit potentially impossible stop times, due to a lack of data. Improving timetable problems means that passengers experience a more reliable service. As the timetable is based on accuracy and not based on ‘tradition’.

Not only this, but the ability to drill into Time Bands such as weekdays, weekends and peak times to highlight the biggest gains or losses is a huge help. It means that constant bad services experienced by passengers on a daily/weekly basis are shown and corrected fast.

Here are the key benefits that you will instantly see when using Origin. There are also many more benefits, which you can check out here.

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Key Benefits – Solve Timetable & Schedule problems

Create more reliable & punctual services 

The more accurate you can be with your timetabling and scheduling, then the fewer timetable & schedule problems your Coach service will have. Making it more reliable for passengers. To create a realistic timetable, timetable planners need to know how the current service operates over time. With accurate real-time and historic information, you can see this and easily your current timetable. Helping you run a more realistic service. Origin will also make timetable comparisons and suggestions based on the historical data you collect. Meaning that you could run automated timetables according to real service times.

Focus on the stops/routes that need the most improvement

Origin can instantly improve your operations, by showing stops/routes that are not performing well but have the potential to perform better. With all the data that is collected and optimised, you can see what stops/routes need Changing. Improving timetable & schedule problems on your service. For example, say there is a popular stop where passenger loading takes longer than expected. Origin will pick up on this and show a potential change to the timetable. As it is clear that an extended stop time is needed. This is a simple feature, but it makes a huge difference to a Public Transport business. As it raises the standard of service and offers a better experience to the passenger.

Adapt your network based on passenger demand

If you don’t provide a service that suits passengers, then they won’t use it. It’s as simple as that. Origin’s analytics combine multiple data sources, then use powerful automation to show your planners the most popular travel patterns. Planners can then tailor a service around passenger demand. To compete with demand responsive transport. This gives customers the service they need and means they will want to use it.

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