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Transform your coach operations with Origin

How Origin uses data to completely optimise your public transport business.

Origin is sparking a technology revolution in the Public Transport sector.

With the advancement of technology in many industries, gone are the days when you had to contact the courier every day to find out where your package was. Gone are the days where you would call the taxi company up to find out where your taxi driver was. Nowadays with companies like Amazon proactively updating you on your package’s ETA status and taxi apps like Uber showing you exactly where your taxi is, we have now moved into a new age where customer experience and accurate real-time information is at the highest level it has ever been in modern society.

The problem is that public transport as an industry has suffered from this shift because it hasn’t had its own ‘technology revolution’… until now!

Over the past decade, we at uTrack have had huge success in the coach sector, creating products for clients like National Express Coaches, Greyhound & Megabus that have allowed them to streamline and grow their businesses in a time when most have seen a decline in their transport services.

We are now bringing this award-winning (UK Bus awards 2013 & 2014, National Transport awards 2015) technology and innovation that has made applications like CoachTracker possible and bringing it to the wider market through our new product, Origin.

Origin takes all of the things that have made our platforms so successful and combines them to improve any coach operation instantly. Using disjoined data from telematics, ticketing, GPS and more, Origin shows valuable insights so that operators can see an accurate holistic view of their operations and confidently make business defining decisions.

We believe OUR (Origin, Unity, Rygo) new product suite will finally bring a ‘technology revolution’ to the public transport industry, and Origin is at the heart of that.

Here are some of the biggest problems we have found that are facing public transport operators.



  1. Inaccurate and delayed information – that leaves passengers and employees significantly uninformed.
  2. Poor timetabling, punctuality and reliability – causing bad passenger experience.
  3. Issues with driver management – resulting in driver inconsistencies and problems with driver safety.
  4. Poor incident management – meaning significant and consistent service disruptions and financial penalties for the business.

There are many more issues, but these are the problems we’ve witnessed as having the most impact on an operator’s business.

To combat these problems here are just some of Origin’s many features we have designed to easily and quickly resolve the problems faced above.



  • Accurate real-time information – Bring all your live data into one system to provide the most  accurate  view  of your business,  showing your operational performance  in an  easily digestible format.  Proven at scale,  Origin has been  developed over 10 years,  across multiple  transport  forms.
  • Optimised systems making data-driven decisions – Give  planning & scheduling  the most reliable data that  factors  in;  disruptions,  weather, congestion, operational incidents,  driver velocities, passenger  loadings  (enabling  optimised  timetabling)  & scheduling  as well as  routes  based on passenger demand.
  • Driver accountability & management – Our  driver  modeling  builds; performance  KPI’s,  vehicle  events, incidents,  velocity metrics,  service history,  speed-related  events, passenger  volumes , and  more to  provide a  centralised  solution for managers to better  help their  remote  workforce. 
  • Instant incident tracking & reporting – Put right issues with your  service  fast!  Track  incidents,  log  reports and  see the  areas  which  need resolving,  so  the operational problems you have today will be gone tomorrow. 

Additionally, we have many other features and insights that give greater analysis to any aspect of an operator’s business and these are constantly being innovated and improved to provide more value to Origin and the clients that it helps. 

You can find out more information about Origin here.

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Making operational excellence the standard across the transport industry.


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