uTrack at TechMids

We recently had the privilege of attending TechMids in Birmingham, representing uTrack. The expanding tech scene in Birmingham, with a blend of emerging companies and established firms like Goldman Sachs, was impressive. This event, a key part of Birmingham Tech Week – the UK’s largest regional tech festival – attracted over 7,500 attendees, showcasing a variety of innovative topics.

At uTrack, we value our location in Birmingham’s dynamic tech community. The conference offered insightful talks from various industry professionals. Matheus Guimarars’ presentation on AI in technology was particularly enlightening, emphasising AI’s role in automating tasks like translation, thus freeing up time for more complex work. His insights on AI’s continuous learning and improvement showed its potential in shaping tech’s future.

Another impactful talk was by Molly Watt, who addressed accessibility in tech. She expanded the understanding of disabilities beyond conventional views, covering everyday scenarios like forgetting glasses, navigating noisy environments, or multitasking with one hand. Molly’s call for an inclusive tech landscape that accommodates a wide spectrum of needs was an valuable reminder of the importance of accessibility in our work.

These perspectives from the conference have reinforced our commitment at uTrack to embrace innovation and inclusivity, ensuring we contribute meaningfully to Birmingham’s growing status as a tech hub.


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