ITT hub 2021 conference: innovation & technology in transport

ITT Hub7 pichi

On Wednesday 30th July, a few members of uTrack attended the 2021 ITT Hub conference in Farnborough. ITT Hub (Innovation & Technology in Transport Hub) the event organisers, hosted some of the best innovations that the transport industry had to offer. The industry had good representation. From fleet optimisation solutions to zero-emission vehicles (Volta) and […]

Creating resilience in public transport

Creating resilience in Public Transport pichi

Takeaways from the ITS Ertico European Transport Conference. Like most things this year, the ITS Ertico Conference happened online due to coronavirus. That did not stop, however, the incredible industry insights that were given, showing the joint effort being taken by governments and private companies, to ensure that public transport becomes more relevant to the […]

Transport innovation summit 2020

Transport Innovation Summit 2020 pichi

The Transport Innovation Summit run by Russel Publishing was a little different this year compared to previous years. Due to Coronavirus, the summit was unable to commence in the ordinary format of face to face networking, physical exhibitions and keynotes/panels/workshops held in a physical auditorium. Instead the summit was, for the first time, held online. […]

World mental health day 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020 pichi

Rebecca’s Lockdown Diary. “Well what can I say? This year has tested the lives of so many people and sadly not in a positive way. Our health, home, job, family and friends have suffered in one way or another. The priority to make sure your own mental health is doing ok has never been more prevalent.  This […]

NX & uTrack: Celebrating 10 Years

Illustration displaying national express and uTrack logos side by side with the number 10 above the logos.

2010 – uTrack create a technology vision for National Express  uTrack signed our first commercial contract with National Express in July 2010 to provide our Historical Network Performance reporting solution to help monitor and improve the reliability and punctuality of the Services. By integrating with existing hardware and software, we were able to demonstrate a truly agnostic solution deployed […]

The rise of the face covering in all of its guises

Illustration of a woman wearing a green mask looking at a shop window displaying a green bag and shoes.

Are face coverings the new way to express your personality? With the compulsory use of a face coverings being the “new norm” on public transport in the UK, it got me thinking… Are they going to be the new must have fashion accessory?? Upcycled pieces of clothes, be it a sock, a favourite pattern from […]

UK Office Social – Flight Club

Illustration of a dart board and dart arrows.

On Friday 28th February, the UK Office had its monthly team outing. This time it was to the darts inspired sports bar ‘Flight Club’. The concept of the bar originated in Shoreditch and has expanded to multiple locations including a newly opened Birmingham location. It uses a combination of popular darts inspired games along with […]

UK Bus Awards; A Superb Event

Illustration of a bus with a trophee on the background.

Well what a great day that was my dear chums, I have just returned from the 24th consecutive UK Bus Awards held at the very well presented and accommodating Troxy venue. Deep in down town Limehouse, in the shadow of the banking pyramids of Canary Wharf. The iconic bastions of wealth and prosperity that dominate […]

Cityx Expo

Illustration of a bus with a city on the background.

The 13th-14th November saw the annual occurrence of the Cityx expo organised by connected places Catapult held in the Urban Innovation Centre in London. It was another opportunity for uTrack as a company to connect with other like-minded innovators/companies working in the sector of city mobility and discuss the very real and growing problems of […]

A Great Celebration Of uTrack; Bennett’s Hill Office Opening!

Picture of the Town hall meeting.

Well the dust has settled and the paracetamol has worked its magic and the formal opening of the brand new office on the fifth floor of our new Birmingham office has opened officially with a grand get together of the UK and Dublin teams. The event was great and included several presentations from members of […]