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Town Hall Meeting in Birmingham

We try to get as many of the team together once a year for a face-to-face meeting and a bit of a party. Our last Town Hall was in October 2022 so having one 10 months later felt about right and hopefully a better chance for good weather for the BBQ afterwards.  

This year our focus was about “People and Company Culture”. We’ve had a significant growth period since the last Town Hall with 25% increase in new team members and more to follow in the later months of 2023. Lots of new in person connections were made that go beyond the less personal video calls and chats. 

The major objective was to create some in person connections with the new team members while helping everyone understand our purpose as well as our values is key to achieving our mission of making public transport amazing.  

Our industry is showing strong recovery from the Pandemic with some of clients are seeing their busiest periods in years. This revival from the lows triggered in 2020/2021 has spurred us on grow the team and the suite of new products in 2022/2023. Not only is 2023 on track to be the best year for the group but we’re forecasting 2024 to see another year of 25% growth.  

New Clients and the investment in OUR (Origin, Unity & RYGO) products are validating our strategy. Growing our team is now a priority as we meet the increasing demands of a larger client base, while insuring we retain the amazing company culture that’s been created over the last 5+ years.  

The evening finished with a BBQ and drinks well into the early hours for Friday morning. Lots of great memories and a few sore heads the following day. 

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