How to save money on your school transport


Here are some ways that you can make your schools transport more sustainable whilst also making sure that you save money. Optimising transport solution saves on funding from investors Off the back of the COP26 global climate change summit, the UK government will look to change the ways that students get to school. However, there […]

UK carbon emissions: is school transport the way to NET zero?


How reforming school transport to a dedicated school bus service can reduce the UK’s school congestion and significantly reduce carbon emissions. In light of COP26 and the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, a recent article by the BBC on ‘How our daily travel harms the planet’ looked at many ways that our country can […]

uTrack & Avanti Connect app update


Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working alongside Avanti Trains to help build an employee app system that helps their employees deliver the best experience to the customers they serve. The app has many features that help employees reach their full potential and provide a better service for customers. The […]

Utilise school bus technology and transform your service instantly

Computer mockup of the RYGO product that showcase all Devices information and details with status if the device is active or offline, also the Mobile app that connect to the system that help track the Bus

How RYGO utilises mobile technology and manages devices so that your school can track your school buses instantly.  It can be very expensive to get School Bus technology like GPS tracking onto your school buses. Integrated tracking systems are expensive to put into vehicles, but mobile technology has changed that. With RYGO your school can utilise the […]

Route management – Save money on your school transport

uTrack OUR New Product rygo Feature 7 pichi

How RYGO’s route management feature saves schools time and money on their school bus service.  Route management is an important part of any bus service however it is even more important when you are running a school bus service. With a constantly changing group of students, the routes that school buses are taking are constantly changing based on demand. This […]

Student scanning means peace of mind for parents & schools

uTrack OUR New Product Rygo Feature 3 pichi

How RYGO uses student scanning to improve efficiency and safety on school buses.  Being able to track a school bus is useful, but the full power of tracking doesn’t just stop there when it comes to school bus tracking.  Student scanning and tracking is an important component to ensuring safety and efficiency in a school bus service.  RYGO uses the latest mobile technology to support student tracking through Bluetooth […]

Automated reporting – flag issues in school bus services

uTrack OUR New Product Rygo Feature 5

RYGO’s automated reporting easily shows you the problems you need to resolve. The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one.  Reporting can seem like a laborious task right up until it shows a glaring problem at which point all the painstaking hours that have gone into it show the unbelievable progression caused by consistent valuation of problems and then those […]

Child safety starts with school bus tracking

uTrack OUR New Product Rygo Feature 3 pichi 1

How Rygo’s live GPS tracking gives parents and schools peace of mind when it comes to Child Safety.  Child safety is a huge problem for schools, and it doesn’t start at school, it starts with a lack of school bus tracking on the journey to school.  With 43% more collisions happening during term times, parents using personal transport to get their children to school put everyone at more risk, including the students themselves. Schools and parents need to agree […]

Problems with your school transport? RYGO is the solution

uTrack OUR New Product RYGO pichi

Rygo is our all-in-one technology solution for school transport. School transport for students in the UK is in dire need of reform. Car volumes increase by 55% during times of school pick-up and drop-off. Also, traffic in and around schools is chaotic. According to interviews conducted by the AA, 56% of parents interviewed reported “traffic chaos” near their child’s school at pick-up/drop-off times. 91% of these parents also claimed there wasn’t any school traffic management plan in place at […]

School bus – efficiency problems for operators & schools

Rygo4 problem pichi

How a lack of accountability can leave schools vulnerable to safety and efficiency issues. The relationship between schools and school bus operators needs to be strong and have good communication at its heart. Especially with the safety of children and students at stake. This article looks at what factors create a lack of operator accountability […]