Scottish Citylink Coaches: New Mobile App Uses Coachtracker for Real-Time Travel Updates

Scottish Citylink Coaches: New Mobile App Uses Coachtracker for Real-Time Travel Updates

In response to the evolving needs of its customers, Scottish Citylink have recently launched a new mobile app. Available for both Android and iPhones, the Citylink app serves as a comprehensive solution, offering travelers across Scotland a seamless and intuitive platform to manage their journeys from start to finish. The app consolidates essential functionalities into […]

uTrack release CoachTracker for Northwestern Stage Lines

uTrack release CoachTracker for Northwestern Stage Lines

We are proud to announce that we have recently released a branded version of CoachTracker for Northwestern Stage Lines and their customers. This solution will also be running the Origin application for the back-office operations team. Northwestern Stage Lines can now provide a new level of confidence to their passengers who use their intercity coach […]

Salt Lake Express – Contract

Salt Lake Express Contract pichi 1

We’re proud to announce a new contract with Salt Lake Express. uTrack are providing the Origin solution for operations as well as real-time information for passengers via a “Track my Coach” solution on the website.   Salt Lake Express can now provide a new level of confidence to its passengers that travel with them to over […]

 Origin Release – Ver 15.10 

Origin Release Ver 15.10 pichi

We’re pleased to announce another major update to Origin with this latest version 15.10. The two major areas of focus were Incidents and our User Guide.   Incidents “Incidents” has been a key feature of Origin for a while, allowing users to quickly record events that are happening on their networks and note actions that need […]

Scottish Citylink – Contract Extension

Scottish Citylink – Contract Extension

uTrack are delighted to announce a 12-month contract extension with Scottish Citylink who operate 19 routes linking major Scottish cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling and Inverness. Origin has been instrumental in helping the Scottish Citylink operations team to: Coachtracker has enabled Scottish Citylink’s passengers to: We are looking forward to another successful […]

Origin Release – Ver 20.09 

origin release ver20.09 img1 pichi

We’re pleased to announce that Origin has been upgraded to version 20.09. Amongst a variety of bug fixes that enhance overall stability, two new screens have been added that help users see allocation status at a glance and enable users to display location-based statistics.   As part of this update, users can see vehicle allocations by […]

Unity Admin 1.4 – Quarterly Release

Unity Admin 1.4 5 pichi

This month, we are excited to release Unity Admin 1.4. Unity Admin is the back-office product which works in conjunction with the Unity Mobile app, available for iOS and Android, designed to keep your workforce engaged with up-to-date news, important documents and more.   

Back to School – 2023/2024 

School Start 2023 2024 pichi 1

As another academic year begins, we all wonder where the summer went and what happened to the weather in July & August. Fortunately (or unfortunately for those without air-conditioning in their Schools) a return to school appears to inspire a change in the weather and September has started with some potentially record-breaking temperatures.   This time […]

Why does employee engagement matter with a remote workforce?  

Why does employee engagement matter pichi

Employee engagement is particularly important with Bus Drivers due to the unique challenges and dynamics that the often-remote work presents. Here are points to consider when evaluating whether an Employee App could benefit your Transport business.   Maintaining Connection to the Company:  Drivers may feel disconnected from the company’s culture, mission, and values. Engaged employees tend […]

The solution to timetable & schedule problems for operators 

uTrack OUR New Product Origin Feature 3 pichi

How Origin’s optimisation stops huge punctuality & reliability issues for Public Transport operators and corrects timetable & schedule problems. The lack of flexibility in Coach timetables & schedules causes massive problems for any operator’s business. It bases decisions on assumptions and tradition. This lack of agility to optimise services is crippling revenue for transport businesses […]