Unity Admin 1.4 – Quarterly Release

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This month, we are excited to release Unity Admin 1.4. Unity Admin is the back-office product which works in conjunction with the Unity Mobile app, available for iOS and Android, designed to keep your workforce engaged with up-to-date news, important documents and more.   

Back to School – 2023/2024 

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As another academic year begins, we all wonder where the summer went and what happened to the weather in July & August. Fortunately (or unfortunately for those without air-conditioning in their Schools) a return to school appears to inspire a change in the weather and September has started with some potentially record-breaking temperatures.   This time […]

Why does employee engagement matter with a remote workforce?  

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Employee engagement is particularly important with Bus Drivers due to the unique challenges and dynamics that the often-remote work presents. Here are points to consider when evaluating whether an Employee App could benefit your Transport business.   Maintaining Connection to the Company:  Drivers may feel disconnected from the company’s culture, mission, and values. Engaged employees tend […]

The solution to timetable & schedule problems for operators 

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How Origin’s optimisation stops huge punctuality & reliability issues for Public Transport operators and corrects timetable & schedule problems. The lack of flexibility in Coach timetables & schedules causes massive problems for any operator’s business. It bases decisions on assumptions and tradition. This lack of agility to optimise services is crippling revenue for transport businesses […]

How data creates amazing individual passenger experiences

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Resolving Coach operational issues that impact passenger experience. Good passenger experience is vital for any coach or public transport service. In order to solve this, every business needs to do two things. Firstly work out the problems that impact passengers and secondly work out what service passengers want.  With Origin, you can track individual passenger data to see the problems that can be resolved, […]

Origin Release – Ver 23.07

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We’ve recently deployed our latest quarterly release of Origin Ver 23.07. This release introduces several exciting features, placing a strong emphasis on user-friendliness and enhanced the incident management capabilities.  As part of this update, you can now select multiple trips on any view that lists services (List, List/Map, Trips & Routes Summary). This allows for faster […]

Unity Admin 1.3 – Quarterly Release

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At uTrack Software Solutions,  we embrace agile methodologies and prioritise continuous improvement. This is why are excited to announce the quarterly release of Unity Admin 1.3, the admin portal to our employee news mobile app. The new additions are aimed at significantly benefitting content administrators and communications teams. This release introduces a number of exciting […]

Origin: creating the new standard for bus operations

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One of our greatest accomplishments as a company has been to be able to completely transform the operations of the transport companies that we work with. We believe that this is the way we can make public transport amazing. Each of our products helps achieve this however none more so than our Origin system. Origin […]

3 benefits to enhancing real-time information for coach operators

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The impact of utilising real-time information in Public Transport. Real-time information has become a huge game-changer in various other transport and logistics sectors. From Uber to Amazon, sending and receiving real-time information has become the new benchmark for optimising operations and building a business that revolutionises the customer experience. Coach transport is starting to see […]

Why one incident can ruin a coach service

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Efficiency implications of bad incident reporting No historical tracking and reporting Issues with incident reporting being mainly a manual process No incident prediction Financial implications of bad incident reporting Bad passenger perception Inefficient service means loss of revenue Loss of potential tenders and important communication with current clients To avoid these problems by utilising accurate […]